What our customers say about us:


“I work out at 1 on 1 Fitness on a weekly basis. My primary goal is to keep my back and neck strong, gain muscle to support my spinal cord, and to create an inner core of strength to prevent injury from falls or slips. Tom and Karen Roan have helped me for the last two years to build a strong body that carries me through my day, and, helps me to heal quickly.

I am grateful for their time, patience and support.”

–Tina Kraft


“I had been physically active before joining One on One Fitness, but hadn’t experienced weight-training as a regular workout routine. Within 2 months time, there was a noticeable change in my body. I lost over 10 pounds and my body shape improved! Over the course of 4 years, at the age of 45, I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in my entire life! I have Tom and Karen Roan to thank. They get me doing what I never imagined I could do. They are my cheerleaders! Even through injuries, I’ve been able to work out with Tom’s customized program that keeps me strengthened, motivated and feeling good. One on One Fitness has been the catalyst for living a healthy lifestyle. Life is too short to not be happy and enjoying what you like to do. One on One Fitness keeps me living the life I want to live!”

–Fred McClain


“I recently had a total Hip Replacement and Karen was my Physical Therapist.  When I came home from the hospital, 3 days after surgery I was using a Walker.  I felt very incapacitated, since we live in a Town House with the bedrooms upstairs. I was afraid to navigate the stairs. Karen showed me how to get up and down those stairs on her first visit. Each day when she came to the house for therapy we tried different tasks until I was feeling more and more confident. She taught me balancing and strengthening and stretching Exercises.  After three weeks, I was walking without any assistance,  joining the walkers at our local mall.  After 6 weeks I was back at work, thanks to Karen.

When I completed Physical Therapy I wanted to continue to increase my strength and flexibility. I spoke with Karen and I was able to join her Exercise Class after work twice a week.  At One on One Fitness Gym I was able to work with free weights and machines to increase my endurance as well as stretching and strengthening. I enjoy the class because Karen provides a relaxed and fun atmosphere.  I also enjoy working with other people who are there for the same reasons and I always feel better after exercising.”

–Bonnie Luke


“I am a 65 year old man who has extensively worked out with weights for more than 12 years since selling my company. I have observed and worked with a variety of trainers and have been with Tom Roan at One on One Fitness for more than three years. I find Tom to be the most attentive, experienced, and compassionate trainer I have ever come in contact with. We are very lucky in this southern Florida area to have someone of his life long commitment, knowledge, and passion to the health and physical being of his clients.”

— Ron Stern


“I have enjoyed training at One on One Fitness for over five years! I have worked with Tom for the first year and with Karen for five years. One on One Fitness is a great facility where I have improved my total fitness which has helped me with my tennis and golf games! It is wonderful to work out in such a warm and friendly environment.”

— Amy Cosman


“When my husband encouraged me to meet with Karen at One on One, I agreed that it was the only way I would get in the exercise that I needed to help with my weight loss and fitness goals. After almost 3 months, he and I, both, can see an amazing difference, already. He’s definitely noticed the positive change in my body shape.  My clothes fit much better, so I can feel the difference.  However, the most notable changes have come in my everyday physical function: I can get out of a seat without using my hands to support me; I can bend down to pick up items without fear of not being able to get back up; and my balance is markedly improved.  Throughout this experience, I have found Karen and Tom to be very supportive and encouraging. I truly appreciate their expertise, especially since I have had back, knee, and shoulder problems.  I look and feel so much better – and I’m looking forward to an even more fit future. “

— Marla Hyman


“I never thought that exercise could be such fun.  Well, I still don’t believe it!  What I do believe, however, is that Karen and Tom really do care about their clients. They strive to take us to the limit with as little stress as possible because they instinctively know our limits. I can attest to this personally and I am very happy with the results for the last six years.”

–Bernie Wecht


“It was my junior year of high school, and I had begun working on my application to West Point. Part of the process required applicants to pass a rigorous physical fitness test. I saw that there was a pull up event and, not even being able to do one, decided to find help. While searching for a personal trainer I came across One on One Fitness. After talking to Tom and Karen about my situation, I found them to be experts in their field and immediately began training with them. After working with Tom and Karen, I went from zero to nine pull ups in a matter of months, surpassing the fitness test’s standards. Thanks to One on One Fitness, I have realized my dream and am now a cadet at the United States Military Academy. Go Army, Beat Navy!”

— Patrick O’Shaughnessy


“The twice weekly evening exercise class at One on One Fitness is a fun, non-intimidating atmosphere to workout in. The classes are designed to give a good all-over workout without leaving you unable to move for days after. Karen, a licensed physical therapist as well as trainer, makes it a point to ask her clients about existing conditions so she can offer different options to make sure they get the optimum result without further aggravating any problems. Karen, along with her husband Tom, also offer one on one personal training, hence the name. Come and give it a try-it’s made me look forward to working out again.”

— J. Amaral


“After many years and many dollars spent working out at a variety of gyms with a variety of personal trainers, repeating the same exercises over and over and seeing little, if any, visible or invisible changes in or to any part of my body, I decided it was time for a major change in my exercise routine. A friend suggested that I try One on One Fitness. I marched over there that very day, met Tom, talked with him about my goals, listened to his thoughts, liked what he suggested, so I signed up immediately. I did, however have just a touch of trepidation caused , no doubt, by the number and size of his muscles and my lack of any muscle at all. That was five years ago and since then, I’ve had nothing but exhilarating and exhausting 30-minute workouts, with noticeable results. Whether Tom or Karen is your coach, you’ll find that it is TRULY ‘one-on-one training’, offered in a quite setting and (thankfully) without a parade of Baywatch bodies to intimidate timid souls like me.

More importantly, there is no such thing as a boring workout. No two sessions are ever alike, and there’s always a good mix of exercises in every workout. Each targets a specific goal, generally poses a small challenge, and is always, always, carefully monitored by Tom’s watchful eyes. Even though a ‘Baywatch’ body is out of the question for me, I couldn’t be happier with the results of Tom’s program – my upper body and leg strength has improved dramatically, and my core strength, balance, and cardiovascular capability have never been better. Tom may consider this to be a ‘mission accomplished’, but I consider it ‘a work in progress’ and I’m never leaving!”

— Leah Dunnigan

“It’s all about feeling better…I’m finally getting it! Since beginning my workouts with Karen I can honestly say I feel better,have more energy, and actually look forward to each work-out session. Karen is kind, caring and committed to her profession. Her expertise in teaching how to exercise properly along with her knowledge of physical therapy gives me the assurance that I will get maximum benefits and avoid injury to muscles and joints. It’s a nice feeling to come to One on One Fitness just as you are and not feel the least bit intimidated about size, looks, clothes, ability, or any of the other issues that can keep us from working out. The atmosphere is always friendly and Tom and Karen Roan are two of the nicest people you will ever meet. ”

–Meredith Hill Page

“Dearest Karen,

I can’t possibly thank you enough for your expertise, patience, and superb training today! The confidence you instilled in me is the most important building-block in regaining my physical fitness! You exuded so much positive energy and encouragement. And I am walking around my home this evening, trying to be conscious of my “core.” Tightening it at every remembrance! I very much look forward to our next session! I really, really want to be a “success story”!

See you Karen! Thanks again, with all my heart!”