• How do I get a free 30 minute session?

    just ask for it!

    Schedule your first 30 minute session free. Come in and get to know us. Make sure its a good fit for your needs.

  • Is there a student discount?

    of course!

    Students don’t have jobs, so we cut you some slack on the costs, but you will make up for it in sweat!

  • Hey what about Seniors?

    we love you!

    We offer a 10% discount to all seniors. But be warned, we will card you to be sure. 😉 Give us a call, stop by or email us to schedule.

  • Can I get a discount for training with my buddy?

    We are happy to discount the training rates when you train with a buddy.

  • What kind of group classes are there?

    what kind do you want?

    Contact us.  Whether it is about specials, training, goals, or health, we are happy to answer any questions and extend discounts to groups or participants in our group classes.