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  • Buddy Training

    challenge each other to be fit!

    2 for 1 personal training specials jupiter


    We are always running buddy specials.  Ask us today about training with a buddy.  It could be a family member or a friend or coworker or teammate.  Training with a buddy adds another layer of effectiveness because of the support, accountability and even competition when you workout together.  Let us know you want to train with a buddy and we can go over our buddy rates with you.


    • Karen Roan
      Groups and pairs training


    • Support
    • Accountability
    • Competition
    • Money Savings!
  • Strength Training

    expert weight training

    personal strength trainer jupiter


    There isn't a muscle on your body that Tom Roan can't make stronger. After just one session, his expertise is on display as he turns even the lightest weights and simplest movements into a muscle making activity. Balanced, comprehensive, sequential strength training is vital for health now and late into life.


    • Tom Roan
      35 years experience


    • Free Weights
    • Body Weights
    • Machines
    • Custom Tailored
  • Custom Fitness

    For your specific goals

    personal trainer jupiter florida


    There is a fitness plan that is perfect for you and Karen Roan knows what it is.  After a thorough interview process to determine history, needs and goals, you will proceed methodically to ensure safety and effectiveness.  And don't think it's all business with Karen, she is an adventure to be around, as you never know what's she'll have you doing next.  The best part is her experience with sports, exercise, injury and wellness.


    • Karen Roan
      25 years experience


    • Certified Physical Therapy
    • Division A1 athletics in College
    • Trauma and critical care training
    • Great with Seniors too!
  • Sport Training

    stronger, faster, fitter

    Teenage Fitness Class


    We train all ages and types of athletes.  High school track and football players, wrestlers, and soccer players.  We train weekend warriors and professional performers.  We train pro athletes including golf and tennis pros. As serious athletes ourselves in high school, college and now as adults, we understand all levels of sports and the mechanics and fitness required to meet your sport specific goals. Contact us to learn more about how we can support you in your sport or hobby.


    • Tom and Karen Roan
      sport specific training

    Great For:

    • Students
    • Weekend Warriors
    • Pros
    • Seniors
  • Rehab

    Getting fit after injuries and surgeries



    We help clients recover properly from surgeries, injuries, accidents and setbacks. From sports injuries to desk injuries, major surgeries and ankle sprains, we know to carefully an properly increase your strength, speed, balance and flexibility.


    • Karen and Tom Roan
      Certified in Physical Therapy


    • Custom safe plans
    • Motivation to work
    • Prevent future injuries
    • Great for post surgery or injury
  • Senior Fitness

    Safe and Effective training

    senior personal fitness training jupiter


    As we age, our bodies lose muscle and bone density. Sometimes balance is compromised, and injuries take longer to heal.  A great way to counter the effect of aging is to stay active in a safe and structured way.  Improve strength, balance and flexibility with a trained expert in physical therapy, fitness, and overall health.  Karen has a lot fo experience with training seniors and looks forward to crafting a workout just for you.


    • Karen Roan
      Trainer and Physical Therapist


    • Safe, Smart, Effective
    • Rates 15% less
    • Great for rehab
    • Stay healthy and active
    • Karen Roan

      Karen Roan

      Just go. Getting out the door is always the hardest part.

      Every workout is customized for my clients.  I work with seniors and students, I train athletes and business executives.  Your workout is tailored to your specific needs and goals.   Recovering from an injury?  You are in good hands. I am trained and experienced in working with clients recovering from serious injuries all the way to sore backs and ankles.


      • Physical Therapy

      • General Fitness

      • Sports Specific

      • Group Classes
      • Rehabilitation
      • Inspiration


      • Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from St. John’s University

      • Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant for 27 years
      • NYU Medical Center / Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation
      • University of Connecticut  Division 1 Volleyball